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Gods Wonderful Railway

A sign of the times: brazen contempt for you and me | Heather Brooke: Thunderer - Times Online
After you read this you'll see them everywhere - like a newly learnt word that crops up all over the place when previously you could swear you'd never seen it before.

Signs of disrespect (SODs) are found in all the worst public institutions. “D*n't t@ke !t out on our staff,” shouts one in lurid purple and yellow on the Underground. They are everywhere, from hospitals and council offices to the security queues at Heathrow and Gatwick.

When you see one of these bossy, passive-aggressive signs threatening the public with prosecution or arrest, you quickly know two things about the institution you're dealing with:

1) They're lax about punishing those who break the law. After all, action speaks for itself, only inaction needs PR.
2) Customer service is diabolical or non-existent. People are loath to resort to violence and generally do so only when all other avenues of protest are shut. These organisations have pushed people to their limits.

But instead of sprucing up their act (which would require effort and a change of attitude), these institutions menace the public into accepting their unacceptably poor standards.

Yes, it's often said that the British are a nation of yobs. But what's more striking is the sheep-like docility with which the average British customer accepts jaw-droppingly bad service.

Two bloody hours I wastes at Paddington last night as they tried to find a "train manager" so we could depart. Of course I didn't complain to the poor bloody staff stuck on the train with us, it is fucking incompetents in the offices who ruined 600 people's evenings who ought to feel the wrath of my ire. The sooner they concrete the whole bloody lot over the better, preferably with the senior management underneath.


What really got my goat recently at Gatwick. After having been in a 3 hour queue for 'security' to go airside, whilst reading the aforementioned signs urging us not to abuse the incompetent rude and useless staff, the tag line on all these signs was
'BAA - Enforcing EU Law' .

WTF?? Aaaarrrgghh!

They're Spanish you know...

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