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Sacrificing Liberty for Security

Jacqui Smith defiant over extending limit on holding suspects - Times Online

Moves to increase the period that terrorist suspects can be held without charge will go ahead despite all-party opposition to the plans, Jacqui Smith told the Commons last night.

The Home Secretary said that, while she was still trying to secure a consensus on a package of antiterrorist measures, she was not going to wait until further attempts were made to inflict atrocities and bring panic to British streets.

Scotsman.com News - UK - Minister 'fails to justify' 56-day terror limit

Earlier, Ms Smith told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "There is a strong chance in the future we will need more than 28 days." She added that the terrorist threat was "serious, sustained and growing".

However, when questioned on whether there had been any cases so far where the 28-day limit had been insufficient, she admitted: "There has not."

Ms Smith was unable to say how long suspects should be held, but Downing Street clarified the government's position by saying ministers wanted a maximum of up to 56 days.

politicalbetting.com asks "Could Davis claim his fourth home secretary scalp?"

.This inflamed DD, who turned on her, teeth bared, like a dog with the hair standing up on the back of his neck. “She seems to have managed to pick this number out of the air!” he cried, referring to 28 days. “The highest number in the free world! The highest length of time for people to be held without charge in the free world!”


Does this mean we will be able to incarcerate those who gun down innocent members of the public for 56 days without even a speck of evidence? Good! I don't think the Metropolitan Police will find this quite so brilliant an idea, though.

You are just being silly, Brian, you don't lock people up for minor breaches of H & S laws.

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