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Chiropractors 'are waste of money' - Telegraph

Visiting a chiropractor for a bad back is a waste of time and money as spinal manipulation will not cure aches and pains, says a study.

Researchers looked at the difference in recovery from lower back pain after a variety of treatments, including painkillers and manipulation.

They took 240 volunteers who had visited their GP with lower back pain and gave them anti-inflammatory drugs and spinal manipulation or a fake treatment.

There are two reasons why I still go to a chiropractor - firstly it works for me, he knows the exact spot to tweak. And secondly last time I had a serious back problem I couldn't get to see a doctor for a minimum of three days ( I gave up) which I would have needed to do to get a appointment to then go and see a specialist which would have been any length of time in the future you care to mention. My chiropractor made time to see me immediately, and that was £30 well spent. But then he isn't part of the NHS.

It might be that a naked oriental girl walking up and down my back in high heels would also hit the spot, in which case I would use her. It wouldn't be classified as medicine but as the patient I'm only interested in the outcome. The only problems are it would cost more than £30, it doesn't seem to be available in Devizes and Mrs Englishman and the Taxman might not believe it is an essential expense....


Chiropracty may not live up to the more esoteric claims of its practitioners, but it does give palliative, symptomatic relief. Just like massage, it can give pain relief and promote wellbeing, even if it's not addressing the underlying problems. And I refuse to take Paracetamol on the grounds that it has too low a therapeutic index (ratio between clinical dose and overdose) for someone who drinks alcohol as regularly as I do. Diclofenac and cyclobenzaprine work quite well for me, although oxycodone or valium are the best (if you don't need to be conscious for your day job.)

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