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Bouyant Forecast on Sea Levels

A global warning for UN chief from the ice floes at the foot of the world - Times Online
Scientists welcomed Ban Ki Moon to Antarctica with a glass of Johnny Walker Black Label served “on the rocks” with 40,000-year-old polar ice. But the researchers delivered an alarming message to the UN Secretary-General about a potential environmental catastrophe that could raise sea levels by six metres if an ice sheet covering a fifth of the continent crumbles.

The polar experts, studying the effects of global warming on the icy continent that is devoted to science, fear a repeat of the 2002 collapse of the Larsen B ice shelf. The 12,000-year-old shelf was 220 metres (720ft) thick and almost the size of Yorkshire.

“I was told by scientists that the entire Western Antarctica is now floating. That is a fifth of the continent. If it broke up, sea levels may rise as much as six metres,” Mr Ban said

Um - how much did the level of his scotch rise as the floating ice cubes melted? Quite. You would have thought he might have remembered Archimedes before opining on sea level rises as he did. And how many metres did the sea rise from the collapse of Larsen B? Not even the level of a decent finger of scotch.


Only Black Label! Surely n the taxpayers nickel it should have been Blue Label

In the Headlines today;

Rising sea levels caused by Global Warming has made over a million people destitute, on a more serious note, Douglas from the Lurpak advert has melted.

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