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Dipping in the Sporran

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - SNP 'needs another £1bn' to meet pledges

MAJOR manifesto commitments by the SNP government cannot be met unless £1 billion extra is found for Scotland's local authorities, the finance secretary John Swinney was warned last night.

Scotsman.com News - Scottish National Party - I'll make you £10K richer says Swinney

EVERY household in Scotland will be £10,000 a year better off within a decade, Finance Secretary John Swinney claimed yesterday.

Don't you just love this Governmental accounting. Of course some people are already benefiting by more than £10,000 of public largesse...

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Public sector bosses pocket rises of up to 27% - as staff set to get 2%

SCOTLAND'S best-paid public servants pocketed salary rises of almost five times the rate of inflation last year, it emerged yesterday.


I'm quite sure my household will not be £10k better of by the government's doing...

I can only apologise on behalf of my fellow Scotsmen for electing these eejits.

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