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No more Nanny State - its being rebranded; Hello "Stewardship"

Higher drink tax and no smoking at home – beware of the new nanny state - Times Online

A report by the well-respected Nuffield Council of Bioethics concludes that the Government and industry are not doing enough to prevent binge drinking or obesity and should promote healthy lifestyles through stricter measures and deterrents.

Lord Krebs, who chaired the report committee, said yesterday: “People often reject the idea of a nanny state but the Government has a duty to look after the health of everyone and sometimes that means guiding or restricting our choices.”

The central concept of stewardship differed from the nanny state by being “more sensitive to the balances between public good and individual freedom,” he said. The report concludes: “The stewardship model provides justification for the UK Government to introduce measures that are more coercive...

So that is the new Krebs cycle, take an unpopular idea, shine it up with a new report based on an unsupported premise give it a new name and make it exactly the same as the old idea, but more so.

I can see we are going to get very tired of the word "stewardship" from now on as it joins "stakeholders" and "sustainability" in the lexicon of our rulers.


Jesus wept.

As a foreign national resident in the UK, I'm appalled by the totalitarianism on display everyday. And it's getting worse, fast.

Why oh why don't British folk stand up and tell their rulers to 'f*** off'. Why no decent movement to elect a party which will restore freedom to this country?

Astounding. Now the State wants to prohibit you from eating as you like and smoking as you wish.

Let's face it: British citizens are merely viewed as livestock by their government, to be cared for as such, and to be used as and how the government dictates.

"Lord Krebs"?
Krebs is German for cancer - how apposite!

Note the use of the word "coercive" & as quickly as possible, reach for the keys to the firearms cabinet

"the Government has a duty to look after the health of everyone"

Can he quote exactly where in our constitution it says that?

"When A annoys or injures B on the pretense of saving or improving X, A is a scoundrel." H. L. Mencken

Krebs, you are a scoundrel.

I think Gordo worked out what we might say if he let us....so we have a few more years of this yet

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