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You can't trust shoppers not to buy the wrong stuff

Scotsman.com News - Politics - Alcohol 'shouldn't be sold like tattie scones'

Kenny MacAskill, the justice secretary told the justice committee at the Scottish Parliament: "We do need to change our bevvy culture in Scotland.

"Alcohol is not just an ordinary commodity to be picked up unwittingly and thrown in a supermarket trolley along with a pint of milk and packet of tattie scones.

"That means it should not be promoted or sold as such."

Poor old Kenny, bottles of "Heavy" just jump into his trolley when he isn't looking, this drink just gets every where, we need to save the shopper from it. so the Scottish Government plans to restrict the display of alcohol in stores. The changes will bring an end to techniques such as "cross-merchandising" where, for example, beer is placed next to barbecues. Supermarkets will instead be forced to sell alcohol in separate areas, specifically marked out in a store plan. . They will get onto having to have permits and ration cards for it next year.


They have a special section for naughty movies here in the US; this sounds like an equivalent move to censor what goes in the mouth as well as the eyes.

Excellent site, by the way.

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