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Doctors talking "Bollocks"

SaltSensibility: Salt Scare Without Foundation
Three weeks ago, at the GMA/FPA and CSPI Salt Conference, Michael Jacobson of CSPI categorically stated in his opening remarks, “The debate on sodium is over. There is no longer a debate whether salt is good or bad."...This attempt to stifle discussion and pronounce, as if by imperial fiat, that there was no longer any debate concerning the benefits of salt reduction in the diet backfired.

When the audience, which was composed of professional food scientists, nutritionists, dieticians, epidemiologists and policy makers split into working sessions to consider all that was said, they concluded that the benefits of salt reduction to health outcomes had yet to be proven scientifically ...

Almost as it on cue, within two weeks of the Salt Conference, two peer-reviewed medical journal articles appeared, both demolishing Michael Jacobson’s assertion that “the debate on sodium is over.”...

“The absence of a relationship between salt intake and mortality in our study corroborates the findings from the large Scottish Heart Health Study among almost 12,000 middle-aged subjects with 24-h urine samples.”...dismissed the theory that salt can cause strokes and heart attacks as, "an argument of hope over reason...."

Today saw a scathing denunciation of the poor science that has gone into the UK’s public health policies.

Dr. Peverly criticizes " those doctors and politicians who have for years promoted the nannying theory that we should be forced to eat less salt in our diets. The obvious lack of a correlation between elevated blood pressure and salt intake should have been good enough for them."

He goes on to describe Public health minister Dawn Primarolo, who was recently quoted as saying that a low salt intake was an essential part of a healthy diet.

"Ms Primarolo’s only qualification to spout off on this subject is a six-year pre-MP career as a ‘mature student’, so I would always have regarded her pontifications as profoundly suspect…"

Delving deeper, he states: " However, my remit is a wider one. This is further evidence that it is us, the medical profession, who don’t know what we are talking about. I never fell for the bollocks about salt, but I have been as guilty as the rest of spreading disinformation and inaccurate advice about a whole manner of other medical subjects. It is becoming embarrassing."


"All medical research is rubbish" is a better approximation to the truth than almost all medical research.

But if you have too little salt - that is even worse than a bit too much. Crazy, just bloody crazy.

I think we are becoming immunised to the latest scare stories, wolf! has been cried so many times people just shrug off the latest missive to come from the mouths of 'experts'. I swear worry over all the things that are 'potentially harmful' is more likely to cause premature death than overindulgence.Stop worrying so much about the quantity of life and concentrate on the quality of life. anyone of us could die tomorrow, so make the most of it while you've got is and stop worrying about pinching a little more time.

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