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Railways should have died with Brunel

Eurostar services get off to a flying start - Telegraph

History was made yesterday as the first Eurostar train left St Pancras. With a top speed of 186mph, it arrived in Paris two hours and 15 minutes later.

And it still is a 19th Century solution to a 21st Century problem. You still have to get to some god-forsaken part of London, previously only visited for contacting Ladies of certain persuasions, for the privilege of spending the equivalent of Chad's GNP on a ticket for a train that leaves at a time that suits it rather than you; "check in" so long before you could have driven to Dover in the time; face the prospect of Gordon's new railway station strip searches ; spend three hour cooped up in a metal tube with consumptive mobile phone addicts, drinking brown sludge for £5 a paper cup which slops down your trousers as tourists with backpacks push past, and for what? You end up in France, if you are lucky!
Misery as rail strikes bring France to halt - Telegraph



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