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Bonjour, Welcomme, Buenos días

Bloggers from across the world will be able to widen their audiences from today, after Google launched a free translation service.

Anyone wanting to reach foreign readers can simply download a piece of software from translate.google.com and add it to their blog or website.

There, done, over on the right - I might have to tidy it up as it seems to be looking a bit strange but anyway it finally nails any need for an English bloke to learn any foreign languages, not that I ever did...


I ran your latest post, translated into French by Google, through Altavista's babelfish--

Previously, I wrote "Mesdames persuasion, of some" - on the edition of predilection I thought that it was a better word, but then partiality, predisposition, propensity, tendency, and propensity taste all raised the hand as being more suitable. Does I do not arrive in my eyes, what the group think?

I feel something was lost in translation, but perhaps also something gained.

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