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Miliband - What I really really believe...

Another Bruges speech stirs up controversy as Brown weighs in - Times Online

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, was humiliated by the Prime Minister yesterday when he was forced to remove pro-European passages from a speech and drop his policy initiative on European defence.

Resonant address slips into trap of delusion | Bronwen Maddox: World Briefing - Times Online
It is hard to make a speech about the European Union’s goals and not, at some point, seem to move beyond ambition to delusion. David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, failed to avoid that pitfall entirely yesterday, when he portrayed the EU as a tool waiting to be deployed in the service of his own favourite causes of climate change and the righting of distant injustice....

If a minister is going to plant key quotations in the media precisely to get his speech more attention, then it is daft to excise the most ringing phrases in the final text, and it is comedy to produce two versions of a 20-year vision within 24 hours.

24 Hours, when Gordon orders you to change your view you can do that in 24 minutes, eh Admiral West?
Anyway I thought the Miliboy was at home changing nappies, or was that just to get out of breaking bread with the Arabs? Obviously Big Gordo ordered down to the headmasters study for some "advice" and sent him squeaking home with his views "corrected".


Gordon's promise to return to cabinet style government didn't last very long then. Didn't he trumpet a cabinet of all the talents. (Except independent thinking, obviously). One is reminded of Jimmy Carter allegedly drawing up the White House car-parking space rota when PotUS.

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