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Close the door on your way out please

Why are so many Britons emigrating? - Telegraph

Britain is experiencing the greatest exodus of its own nationals since before the First World War while immigration has reached unprecedented levels, new figures from the Office of National Statistics have revealed.

Last year, 207,000 British citizens, or one every three minutes, left the country while 510,000 foreigners arrived to stay for a year or more.

Since Labour came to power in 1997 1.8m British people have left...

Can't think why.


I refuse to pay taxes to subsidise immigrants, PSCOs and bs Guardian advertised equality advisers.

I refuse to permit my children to be brainwashed with Labour propaganda at School.

I refuse to risk my Children's safety.

I refuse to pay for the BBC's Labour propaganda.

I refuse to pay for Government subsides to Unions while Unions fund Labour.

I refuse to waste money on the International Health Service NHS, the army of immigrant workers and the MRSA plague.

I shall return to reconstruct my country when Labour has been banished and the next Government investigates Labour corruption - Cashfor Coronets, Drayson, F1 Tobacco Sponsorship, Cash for Steel Contracts, Cash for Passports etc.

I only wish I could join those heading for the exit.

Do the locals (or foreigners as Brit Abroad presumably calls them) have similar opinions to him about immigrants? During my several years' experience working in a JobCentre, I was amazed by the work ethic and willingness to integrate shown by the vast majority of immigrants either from the EU or asylum seekers. They were keen to work for the minimum wage unlike the locals as they didn't do the state benefit v work cost benefit calculations. They banded together to arrange transport to take them to and from out of town warehouse parks when no public transport was available. Indeed, the immigrants subsidised industry (by keeping down wage rates and reducing the need for capital investment)and filled the care jobs that the locals refused. Brit Abroad appears to have benefitted from the relative wealth accumulated by the hard toil of generations of Britons to provide him with an education. It's nice that when the going gets tough the tough take the easy option and leave the best country in the world, thank you, instead of staying to improve matters. Oh, and I have always voted Conservative.

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