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Labour Scotch MP Demands English Regions

Scotsman.com News - The West Lothian Question: Labour MPs want answers

GORDON Brown is facing demands from his Scottish MPs to take action over the so-called "West Lothian Question", with some calling for the resurrection of English regional assemblies as the solution, The Scotsman can reveal....

To date, Scottish Labour MPs have largely stayed out of the debate, but some have now gone public with demands for action, increasing the pressure on Mr Brown to do something.

Ian Davidson, the Labour MP for Glasgow South West, said there were two related issues that had to be looked at: the balance of devolution and the financial settlement, which gives Scots about £1,500 more per head than England. Both were being used to stir up anti-Scottish opinion in England, he said.

He went on: "I think the proposals that we had before for regional assemblies seemed to me to be a way forward.

"The 'English votes for English issues' proposal is a recipe for some degree of chaos. We should be looking for some way of devolving power to the English regions. The first time we had a referendum for the Scottish Parliament, we didn't get it - so just because the referendum in the north-east [of England] went against the plan, it doesn't mean it should be rejected completely.

Fuck you, you slap headed porridge wog. You want to carve up and emasculate your southern neighbour for your own narrow political and nationalist motives. Read our lips, it is none of your fucking business how the English rule themselves, all we want is the chance to do so.


Quite, "mind your own bastard business, you filthy jock parasite" would appear to be one possible response, though not language I should use myself.

If the Scots want to solve the problem, it is easy bloody peasy. Let them take independence. Then they vote on their issues, the English on theirs and the English can keep all their money south of the border.

Here's a much simpler and cheaper solution. Scottish MP's show a bit of integrity and refuse to vote on "English issues", even if it is a 3 line whip.

Well, that's my daily flight of fantasy out of the way!

Actually, Simon, it would be much cheaper for English taxpayers if they were to stop subsidising our parasitic couins north of the border. Said cousins would then have to choose, do they wish to fill the gap left by the English taxpayer or would they prefer to kick a few politicians and "public servants" out of office and into the real world?

The article seems to imply that the jocks are getting a bit nervous that the English taxpayers are beginning to notice they are being taken for a ride, paying more for less power. The time might be right for the English to demand an independence referendum, that would really get the bastards thinking.

You are right on the ball DocBud the one thing that will release Scotland from Labour and its' dependency culture would be a short period of fiscal rectitude. I'd go and argue that point with Scotland's answer to Chomsky, Terry Kelly but I estimate I only have 50 years left...

And as for you Mr Englishman, you almost had a bill for a new laptop after I read 'porridge wogs'! Brilliance, Sir!

Todays list of descriptive terms is now at 2 following(and I'm sorry but can't remember who said it) 'Johnny Jihad'!


How about this...

Devolve Scotland with Regional Scotch Assemblies and give England a National Parliament.

How about this...

Devolve Scotland with Regional Scotch Assemblies and give England a National Parliament.

If it's Scotch Assemblies rather than Scottish Assemblies the operative word might be disolve rather than devolve. I don't suppose the useless tossers could govern any worse even if they were permanently pickled, though they might govern a lot less if they had to have an afternoon nap, so the upside could be less laws being passed.

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