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Pulling a Sicky

Too fat to work - Times Online

Almost two thousand people who are too fat to work have been paid a total of £4.4 million in benefit, it emerged last night. Other payments went to fifty sufferers of acne and ten incapacitated by leprosy.

...The complete list of the 480 different illnesses and complaints for which people received incapacity benefit in February were released by the Department for Work and Pensions. More than £2 billion was paid in 2006-07 for mental health complaints, including £518 million to those with what are described as “unknown and unspecified” diseases.

Overall more than £1.1 billion was paid to people suffering from a depressive episode plus a further £276 million to the estimated 116,000 claimants with “other anxiety disorders” and £122 million to the estimated 50,000 suffering from a “reaction to severe stress”.

A total of 15,600 people received benefits for “malaise and fatigue” and a further 8,100 for “dizziness and giddiness”. The figures disclose that 4,000 claimants had headaches, 2,700 migraines and 1,890 suffered from eating disorders. About £100,000 in benefits went to those with acne and a similar amount to 60 people with “nail disorder”. Nausea and vomiting cost £2 million in benefits for 900 people.

Makes me ill just thinking about our tax money being shovelled at these malingering lead swingers, do I have to go work this morning now?, especially as I'm feeling a touch of "nausea" from enjoying a proper weekend..


Mock all you want: they'll soon put an end to your "proper weekends" too, in the name of "productivity" and/or "your own good".

Let me see: two thousand as a proportion of the total U.K. population would be... sorry, my calculator won't show that number of zeros after the decimal.

While there must be some legitimate folks who are disabled by various illnesses and injuries, "dizziness and giddiness" applies to at least 55% of the population at any given time. And Malaise...isn't that something you use on a sandwich? Right before you get to "nausea and vomiting?"

Behaviour that's rewarded gets repeated...that's all I can say.

You can get paid for having headaches??? I wonder if my ex has moved to the UK?

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