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When Junk Science collides with Deference to Authority

Over here in Blighty the battle against Creationism has been won, odd pockets of resistance flare up but the scientific consensus, the education system, the political parties and churches are all Darwinian. As are the sceptics, to be a creationist isn't the mark of an enquiring mind, an individualist but of a fundamentalist religious nutter. So the sceptics all gather round the climate change debate.
Not so in the States where "Authority" is not clear cut on Evolution, and it is all hands to the pumps to push the scientific truth of it. Sceptics line up side by side with the "scientific consensus and method" in the battle against ignorance.

The Al Gorian school of Climate Change is backed by most of the "Authorities" on both sides of the pond. In the UK because there is no history of the "sceptical" and "scientific" community manning the barricades together, shoulder to shoulder in defence of truth against the creationist authorities, there is no surprise in them taking opposite sides of the road with regards to "Climate Change". The vehemence and anger shown by the US biologist blogging community to the climate sceptics has shocked and saddened me. In the UK even the Conservative Party is solidly Green, so sceptics can't be rightly or wrongly identified with the big right wing party. Scepticism is the badge of the individual who rejects the "Deference to Authority" argument and demands proof rather than relying on faith. It is a pity that all scientists aren't sceptics, because without scepticism there is no science.

But enough words, here's my first stab at the obligatory graphic; where do you fit in?



I'm hanging off the bottom right corner. Notice how "fundamental" and "environmental" have "mental" in them?

dumb schematic.

Genesis describes the same process as Big Bang & Evolution.

You say that "Over here in Blighty the battle against Creationism has been won". Really? Did you know that the man said to be Britain's leading climatologist - one-time director of the Met Office; one-time co-chairman of the IPCC's science group; one-time chairman of an advisory committee to the government - is also chairman of the John Ray Initiative, a biblical fundamentalist organisation?

Do I have to fit in? I'm an atheist and skeptic, though not a republican, democrat, libertarian or anything else that I know of. The bible is a fairy tale and climate changes all by itself.

This is extremely similar to the diagram produced by the World's Smallest Political Quiz:
The traditional "left" and "right" are opposed on one diagonal, orthogonal to the libertarian vs authoritarian axis.

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