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Fenian Bigots

Scotsman.com News - Outrage after Celtic fans' champion defends pro-IRA chants at matches

THE head of a Celtic supporters' trust has provoked outrage by defending the singing of pro-IRA songs by the club's fans during matches.

Dr Jeanette Findlay, who is a research fellow and economics lecturer at Glasgow University,who chairs the Celtic Trust, which represents supporters and small shareholders, claimed chants about the IRA were "songs from a war of independence".... I don't call those pro-terrorist songs. What history tells us is that it is facile to say that politics and sport will ever be separated."

Mr Campbell said he was not referring to songs such as The Fields of Athenry, but to "actually chanting: 'The IRA'."

She replied: "Many of those songs are songs from what was essentially a war of independence going back over a hundred years." ....
The controversy came on the day the Scottish Government launched its Kick Out Bigotry campaign.

I don't remember her coming to the defence of Donald Findlay, the mutton-chopped, bombastic QC and fervent Rangers fan who starred in the infamous video of the side-burned ‘blue nose’, his tie askew, slurring out ‘The Sash’ at a post-match celebration provoked uproarious laughter in households up and down the country. At another event the QC told an audience of around 140 fans at the Larne Rangers Club: "It's very smoky in here tonight - has another f****** Pope died?"

But Findlay was forced to resign as Rangers’ vice-chairman and then suffered further indignity when he became the first rector at St Andrews to be denied an honorary degree from the university


Ms (she is not a Dr) Findlay. She was one of my lecturers at Uni, this does not really surprise me.

I support Dr. Findlay 100% - all she was trying to put across was that history, Irish culture in Scotland and being of Irish descent in Scotland is a lot more complex than the gutter press make out. There were thousands of Scottish born Italians at the game last week - and fair play to them. But dont dare be proud to be Irish in Scotland, or to be proud of your parents and grandparents who were forced to come to this Scotland of 'many cultures'. Imagine Lord, Earl 'murderer' Haig sending millions to their death in the most pointless war in history. Yet we are denied the right to be proud of our ancesters, and sing their songs and ballads against British imperialism.

Fuck right off and 'Let the people Sing'

If your ancestors (recent)were bomb planting, child murdering bastards then yes you should be denied the right to sing about it in the very country that suffered at their evil hands

Fuck off back to The Republic and sing all you want FFS!

My family come from the undefeated, unrepentent six counties of the north of Ireland. We fought the brits in East Tyrone, South Armargh, Belfast, Derry and all over the six counties. So dont try to tell me about struggle or atrocities. If your fuckin imperialist army stayed in England there would have been no dead in Ireland. And there would have been no dead British soldiers.

Why not stay in your own fuckin country? You have caused misery everywhere you have ever gone.

So fuck off out of Ireland

Francie, Undefeated, Unpentant? You are taking the P***s. The PIRA, supported by every anti-British moron ( including large groups within the governing Labour Party)throughout the world achieved what? When there was an even playing field, the Unionist people had you on your knees, begging for the BRITISH government (IE Irish cotrolled Labour) to get you off the hook formurder you had initiated.

Can you answer two questions?
in 1969 I lived in what was then,mixed part of North Belfast (now all catholic due to PIRA murderous and sectarian intimidation). What rights, of any desription, did my parents have that our next-door neighbours,Catholic, didn't have?

Answer:- None, but lies can fool thick Englishmen,gullible Europeans, and Bigotted Irish- Americans. (South boston, Ney York etc.

Why did the Catholic proectors (a Joke if ever there was one) i.e. the IRA decide to murder more Catholics than the Regular Army, the RUC, the PSNI, the UDR, the RIR and all legal defence forces put together?: Come here and listen to the truth - but I won't hold my breath waiting for a reply

Answer - they must defend their position of protecting their Gangsterism, and stooges in America, fall for this B****it

I have lived in Northern Ireland all my life, and my opinion must be relevant , Do notbe conned by the Irish republicans(i e Catholic, Anti-democratic). If you want the truth, please come to Northern Ireland it is only the enemies of freedom and democracy that try to put you off. Remember, Yorktown, Valley Forge, Kings Hill, Lexington, Alamo, it was Ulster Protestants won your freedom, and democracy, Are we wrong to ask the same?

Thank you, John Aughey

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ps please excuse spelling and grammatical mistakes

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