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Defending the Queen's Subsidy

EU farm plan 'a bonanza for lawyers' - Telegraph

Plans by Brussels to cut European Union farm subsidies worth 」56 million to Britain's wealthiest and largest landowners, including the Queen, will benefit "lawyers and accountants" not taxpayers, officials have said.

Under the EU's Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) some of Britain's richest people and largest landowners pocket large sums of money to subsidise farms on their estates.

Proposals floated yesterday will cut all individual farm payments above £70,000 by 10 per cent, those above £140,000 by 25 per cent and those over £210,000 by 45 per cent.

Britain will oppose the cuts because the Government fears that farmers or landowners seeking to minimise the cuts to subsidies will find ways to break up ownership of large farms, leading to a decline in agricultural productivity and a bonanza for lawyers.

"Support for the farm subsidy fat cats goes against the grain of Gordon Brown's belief in targeting welfare state benefits at the people in greatest need," said Jack Thurston of www.farmsubsidy.org and a former agriculture adviser to the Government.

The subsidies are payments per acre for public environmental "goods", they are there to make our green and pleasant land greener and pleasanter. And it is undeniable that large estates are better able to afford the implementation of green practices, they are also more efficient in producing food. So a payment per acre should remain per acre and the undisguised socialist envy prompting this discriminatory proposal should be stamped on.


Socialist envy over subsidies? You've got to be joking! Is the irony lost on you? How about socialist envy over French railway workers pensions? Farmers have had their snouts in the trough for too long. What it must be like to receive handouts so you can enjoy your hobby?

Ever heard of the Mississippi Christmas Tree?

Suppose Congress caps subsidy payouts at $25,000 per farm. Well, that bites Art and Betty, who are getting $200,000 year on their 1,600 acre farm. So they form a company, A-B Agriculture, which owns the land. Art and Betty have four kids, Charlie, Doris, Ed, and Fran. Charlie forms a company, A-C Agro, in partnership with Charlie, A-D Agro with Doris, A-E Agro with Ed, and A-F Agro with Fran. Betty and the kids form B-C, B-D, B-E, and B-F Agro. Then A-B Agro leases 200 acres to each of the other eight companies. Bingo! Eight separate farms, each of which qualifies for $25,000.

Pioneered by rice and cotton growers in the Yazoo Delta, hence the name.

It sounds like the MCT might be coming to Europe...

I do agree that if the subsidies in question are paying for a common good, and are acre-based, there should be no cap. Production control payments are another matter, and should in any case be abolished.

All subsidies, duties, tariffs and quotas distort the market and are therefore baleful.

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