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Blegging for numbers....

An Englishmans Castle - Sitemeter

It stands at 996,570 visitors - at the current rate of visitors it should get 1704 over each of the next 24 hours - which would mean I need an extra 22 visitors to reach the million mark before I go down the pub on Friday night.
But what if the expected numbers don't turn up? or I'm missing the extra 22? Do I face a dry evening or the ridicule of my peers? I'm blegging you not to let it happen; one last push of visitors is all I ask to make me a happy man, you'd do that for me wouldn't you, just a little link.....please.....

*And of course I know these numbers are only indicative and don't really represent the numbers of visitors, but it is a milestone...


ok i'll see what i can do.

Best of luck chasing this elusive and meaningless, yet deeply satisfying target.


hope you meet your target :)

I'll do my best but would appreciate a few readers sent the other way as I'm 999,921 to go!

Blegging post went up yesterday evening. Hope it's helping.

btw. Is Mr FM offering to buy your drinks if you do hit the magic million?

Go for it mate, and best of luck....

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