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Oh dear Darling, caught out again

£5,000 would have made HMRC discs safe - Telegraph

Alistair Darling is embroiled in a cover-up row after Whitehall e-mails revealed that a senior civil servant was involved in the blunders that led to the lost data crisis....

The newly-released internal emails revealed that the catastrophic decision not to filter out the sensitive information, made against the advice of the National Audit Office (NAO), was therefore not a low-level administrative error as the Chancellor claimed.

They also show that NAO officials urged HMRC to send the files 'as safely as possible'.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the procedure to delete the details - which would have removed much of the threat of identity fraud - would have cost just 」5,000.

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said that Mr Darling's version of events appeared to be "inconsistent" with the information now being released.

What is the record for the shortest time of being Chancellor? This is the second strike for Darling, add in his incompetent budget review, as dictated by G.Brown Esq. and he has become a liability.


Extracting NI numbers - £5000.
Encrypting the data - £159
Recorded delivery - 70 pence.

Not losing 25million comprehensive private details - priceless.

Just as an aside - £5K for producing the NI numbers! No wonder they said no. Cheaper in the long run to employ someone at HMRC with the skilz to do such stuff without asking EDS to?

I see I am not the only one to think about encryption. Are all files left unencrypted? Hacker`s paradise!

Followup question: are the files kept on internet-connected computers, and if so how good are the firewalls if any?

A really nasty trick would be to leave hundreds of envelopes, each with a pair of innocuous, password (I suggest "Bottler")-protected CDs, in pub toilets, on trains, in phone boxes etc. Hope nobody has thought of doing this! Only really twisted people could enjoy watching the fun anyway...

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