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Back to the future

Climate Skeptic: Back to the 1800s

For those who do not accept my interpretation that the IPCC wants America to solve global warming by reverting our economy to look just like India's, check out this article from Reuters (ht: Reference Frame)

French towns worried about fuel prices, pollution and striking transport workers need look no further than the horse.

Horses are a possible alternative for vehicles such as school buses ...and aid street sweeping...., say groups eager to pick up on global concerns about eco-friendly transport.

I'm quite happy for essential duties such as delivering Wadworth's Beers to be horse powered...


But school buses? Doesn't anyone think of the injury rate from horse drawn vehicles, and as for aiding street sweeping! It will be back to age of Crossing Sweepers.


I can't remember the figure for the amount of horse manure that was swept from the streets of London daily in the Victorian era, but it was in the tens of tons. I regard the pronunciamentos of the more fluorescent greens as exhibiting psychopathology/religious mania. It's getting to the point where they need to be segregated from society for their—and more importantly—our protection.

I think you need to do some research and find out exactly how much CO2 a horse emits per mile travelled (including a slice of the time it spends not doing anything useful etc) and see if it's actually less than a bus.

More years ago than I choose to remember I worked for the Young Brothers at the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth for a few weeks. They were committed to the use of horses for totally practical reasons. All their pubs were within the SW London area and with the problems of London traffic the use of horse-drawn drays was found to be the cheapest and most efficient way of carrying their excellent real ale to their thirsty customers. Also a great advertisement!

Whether we really want thousands of horses on the streets with rain and the resulting slurry pollution is another question ...

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