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This year will be remembered for two things.

Christopher Booker's Notebook - Telegraph

First, it was the year when the scientific data showed that the cosmic scare over global warming may well turn out to be just that - yet another vastly inflated scare.

Second, it was the year when the hysteria generated by all the bogus science behind this scare finally drove those who rule over us, including Gordon "Plastic Bags" Brown, wholly out of their wits.

Can't argue about that, as the Americans might say it is the year that the Global Warming scare "jumped the shark". It is a bit early to be doing a review of the year but what two things do you think 2007 will be remembered for?


Well I've still got my fingers crossed that it will be the year we get rid of Blair and Brown and Blair again.

The year the HMRC-Crew released their double CD and the public went wild? The year Parliament had its first badger cull?

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