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'Cause you're too shy, shy, Hush, hush, eye to eye...

BBC NEWS | Politics | Concern over secret Labour donor
According to Electoral Commission records, Mr Ruddick, a builder, who drives a Ford Transit van and lives in a former council house in Newcastle, is Labour's third biggest donor.

When he was contacted by the Mail on Sunday newspaper he initially told it he knew nothing about the donations...

He told the paper's reporter: "I can't stand Labour. I can't stand any politicians."

A sensible man, speaks for us all. And his actions have dumped Labour even more in the doo-doo this weekend.

But I gather it is being put about that he was just being used as a friend of a friend, so that is all right then, isn't it?

Property Developers are often shy retiring types who don't like their name's to be linked to politicians. David Abrahams probably just didn't want any false insinuations or rumours starting after having seen how T Dan Smith, also of the North East, made people suspicious of links between Labour and Property Developers.


So it's 11 disks now, i bet the other 9 that are missing would never made the news without the big media uproar that came from the 2 missing disks. We would never of known which is a disgrace!

This is the Hillary Clinton model of stooge-funsdraising, using dummies and props like Norman Hsu and the mail-carrier to bring in the unrestricted funds.

Guido has the scoop on this.

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