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Labour Sleaze - The Brownian Version

Gordon Brown in row over donations scandal - Telegraph

Gordon Brown has been plunged into a damaging sleaze row as the party donations scandal threatened to engulf two Cabinet ministers.

Douglas Alexander, Labour's fallen star
Peter Watt, head of the party machine
David Abrahams aka David Martin

On a day that saw the resignation of the Labour Party's general secretary, the International Development Secretary, Douglas Alexander, and the Leader of the House of Commons, Harriet Harman, also found themselves embroiled in the controversy.

Now these are the sort of stories that makes it worthwhile having the morning paper ironed and presented at the breakfast table with the kippers. The more you read the more interesting it becomes, and every journalist and blogger worth their salt is happily digging in now; it is open season. Couldn't happen to nicer bunch of people.


Just a thought: I bet the donations were posted recorded delivery.

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