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Don't tell them your biometric details, Pike!

Fears over pan-EU electronic identity network - Telegraph

New concerns have been raised over the Government's multi-billion-pound ID project as it emerged that Britain's identity database could be shared with 26 other European Union countries.

The Home Office is taking part in a scheme, codenamed Stork, which aims to make all EU electronic identity networks ''inter-operable'' within three years.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said this development was particularly worrying following the loss of the nation's child benefit records by HM Revenue and Customs.

He added: ''How are they going to prevent a repetition of the disaster of the last few weeks when sensitive personal data is held by 27 countries?"

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Davis said: "If the Government gives away your bank account details, that's a disaster but at least you can change your bank account. What, precisely, do you do if the Government gives away your biometric details?"

Ask the French what happened when they shared their ID Card details with their friendly neighbours back in 1940. Do you really want all your personal details available to some junior programmer in Donkeyshaggertania or whatever the latest EU member state is called?


Forget the Donkeyshaggerstani software types and forget a pan-european ID network. We can't even trust our own people. Besides, thanks to Britain's rather lax immigration laws and the appaling education system, half of them are now working in IT, often for the state.

This latest announcment just makes things slightly worse.

If this did come to pass, I expect all the "sensible" EU countries will decide to foot-drag on sharing until they get other countries flowing in. UK, in typical gold-plating numptiness, will enact a law forcing us to disclose to all other countries before anyone else has even turned on their computers.

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