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Trouble up north

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What is it about Labour’s friends in the North?

Sedgefield - in the North East.
Discs lost - from the North East
Northern Rock - HQ in the North East
Abrahams - in the North East
English Regional Breakup - defeated in the North East
Alan Milburn - represents the North East
and so on...

Still to cheer Gordon up it is PMQs today!


It's a minor point, but as one of his constituents I must inform you that the slimy Milburn person does not represent the North East; he simply represents his own interests and those of his political masters. He is a disgusting, odious travesty of a creature whose only benefit to this town would be as target practice (or possibly fuel), and we would be far better served if he had remained in his haze of dope and left the proper job to Michael Fallon.

And you forget the Soviet economy of the NE.

Milburn is keeping his head down and his powder dry. He bet on the derailment of The Gordon Thunderbolt and kept well clear. Not sure if the mud from this has splashed his shoes, however.

A scottish MP wee dougy Alexander turned over land in Durham England to a property developer for cash to keep the scottish raj in power.
More importantly and tragically Cancer victim Dave Hill from Darlington died yesterday.
His 6 year old daughter collected money to buy his drugs that are freely available in Scotland but denied by NICE in England. NICE is the brain child of Milburn. death by quango in England and not one English MP can be held responsible. Scum the lot of them.

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