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The Treasurer's Role

Angry Jack Dromey declares he is victim of concealment - Times Online
Jack Dromey claimed that he was the victim of as Labour’s treasurer faced questions yesterday over how, for the second time, he had remained ignorant of hidden donations.

Mr Dromey was pitched into the row over David Abrahams when it was revealed that his wife, Harriet Harman, had taken money from Mr Abrahams through an intermediary.

In March 2006 Mr Dromey dramatically intervened in the cash-for-peer-ages affair, insisting that he had not known that Labour had accepted millions of pounds in secret loans, and describing them as “absolutely wrong”.

Mr Dromey, party treasurer since 2004.....

Usually when the treasurer of the Bowls Club is found to have not noticed a hole in the accounts and a shiny new car on their drive the phrase is "incompetent idiot or a crook". In this case I don't think we need worry ourselves that Jack is crooked, he just hasn't got a clue as to what is going on in the accounts he signs off.


I don't think we need worry ourselves that Jack is crooked"
Well, no. There are some things that we can know without worrying about.

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