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Magi from the (North) East came bearing gifts

Hunt for 'mystery benefactor' in Gordon Brown's donations scandal - Telegraph

Fears are growing within the party that David Abrahams, who hid his identity by using four intermediaries, may himself have been a conduit for another mystery benefactor, after senior Labour figures questioned his personal wealth...

The Newcastle-based developer has few publicly declared assets and John Burton, Tony Blair's long-serving agent, said that he had never thought Mr Abrahams "had that sort of money"...

Last year he was pictured shaking hands with the then Israeli ambassador, Zvi Heifetz, who was questioned then cleared over money-laundering allegations. Mr Heifetz was recently appointed as an adviser to Mr Blair in his role as Middle East peace envoy.

Yesterday, a Downing Street source said Labour "had not seen any evidence" to suggest the money was not Mr Abrahams's. He added: "It would be very serious if it were the case. No one is aware of any such arrangement. It will be part of the inquiry."

A former business partner said that Mr Abrahams, who was unavailable for comment, was frugal and could therefore have amassed enough money to fund the donations.

David Abrahams is a man, it has emerged, with a lengthy track record of concealing the truth about the most basic facts of his life, including his name, his age and his marital status.
.. Mr Abrahams came to adulthood in a family well on its way to forming a minor Labour dynasty...in the nudge-wink politics of local government in 1960s Newcastle...

By 2007, the small-time landlord had established himself as a wealthy property developer and the failed local councillor had gained such influence in Labour circles that he was awarded a place in the front row of a hand-picked audience for Tony Blair’s farewell to the Sedgefield faithful.

The same names keep cropping up in the reports as the MSM dig deeper.

Newsnight has some questions we would like to throw at Mr Mendelsohn should anyone bump into him within the Westminster bubble:
1) Why did you ask Mr Abrahams to leave Labour Friends of Israel? There is a public interest in this matter since he was deemed by Labour’s general secretary a suitable donor, and by party officials suitable to be on the front row of Tony Blair’s leaving speech. Was Mr Abrahams’ behaviour in the LFI unsuitable?

And reminds us if the name Jon Mendelsohn is sounding familiar to viewers who have momentarily forgotten his role in the Labour cash-for-access scandal exposed by Newsnight irregular Greg Palast in 1998, you can update yourself here.


Goes to show you can never trust a Fabian. I should know. I was one.

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