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Market Day Blues

Smelly fridge brings town to a standstill - Telegraph

The centre of a busy market town was brought to a halt at the start of the Christmas shopping season - by a small refrigerator.

Firemen, police and ambulance crews descended on the high street in Marlborough, Wilts,...Fire crews from up to 20 miles away converged on the hotel and an environmental protection unit from Warminster was also called in as police closed off the surrounding streets.

But after an extensive search of the building on Friday the source was found to be ammonia leaking from a small fridge used for storing sandwiches.

As my local shopping town I know how Plod loves to panic and close it down, the hours I have wasted as some Part Time Dibble has been waving his badge about to save us from some imaginary danger so thank goodness I decided against going there yesterday and to use t'internet to do my shopping - as are so many others


Who wrote "It is a truth universally acknowledged that the effect of any incident, however small, can be magnified by the intervention of a well meaning Police Constable."?

and where were the wet labradors at the time? Finished the sandwiches no doubt!

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