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Vote for me I'm an Idiot.

We’re fools, not knaves, is a hollow defence, Mr Bean | Martin Ivens - Times Online

"Humbly beg to report, sir, I’m an idiot,” was the excuse the good soldier Schweik gave his army superiors for breaches of discipline. Labour is falling back on this humiliating but necessary scuttle in the “Donorgate” affair. The best defence they can now muster is that they are fools, not knaves.

And this seems to be the training scheme video...


People who get a First Class Honours in Idiocy from the University of East Anglia are invited to conduct research at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. It is not uncommon to see husband and wife teams (typically first cousins if from Norfolk or Suffolk) beavering away sucking research data out of their thumbs.

An Englishman who has actually read Švejk? Color me surprised... Politicians squealing when caught stealing? Nihil novum sub solum

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