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One easy step to radically improve schools

Prue Leith's radical recipe: free school meals and eating with a knife and fork - Telegraph

For her, the aim is as much cultural as nutritional. She does not just want children to acquire a taste for fruit and veg - she wants them to learn some table manners too.

"They should sit down and eat properly with a knife and fork. Everyone thinks this is just a food problem and it's not, it's a social cohesion problem."

The quickest easiest way for teachers to improve their pupils performance and behaviour would for the teachers to not hide in the staff room but eat lunch with their pupils and get to know them outside of the classroom as fellow human beings. It is no coincidence that to break bread with someone has universally been acknowledged for thousands of years to bring peace and understanding.


Isn't advocating the use of a knife and fork to eat with horribly Western European and the complete antithesis of multiculturalism whereby chopsticks or eating with one's hands using bread or rice are of equivalent value? Or will the gaoling of Mrs Gibbons knocked some sense into the Guardianistas?

If the Teachers want to win the respect of students at lunch they're gonna have to know some good fart-jokes, and besides that knife and fork carry a stout stick.

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