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And the Weather today is...

16 die as snowstorms batter America - Times Online

The northeastern United States was blanketed and drivers faced a mix of rain, sleet and snow as the wind gusted up to 40mph (65km/h). Schools cancelled or delayed classes from New York to Maine.

It is a good job Al Gore flew out of the area a couple of days ago or he might not have been able to make it to Bali for the Globular Warning Fest...


Gore has form in this area. When last spring he flew around the US, in private jets of course, promoting his slide show, the sceptical press had great fun recording how everywhere he went, ice and snowstorms followed. It seems nothing has changed.

I wish the bastard would shut up: he's doing another tour and we've got an ice storm ongoing. Something like a quarter-million people with no power in central OK alone.

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