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Danny is Practically Right

We're too busy to run the country | Daniel Finkelstein - Times Online

You see, I intend to put forward a truly plonking point. The only thing to be said in its favour is that it is right, important and not one you hear that often. And that, my friends, will have to do.

My prosaic point concerns smaller government. Despite 30 years of concerted effort, the Right hasn't got very far arguing for smaller government. Well, it occurs to me that perhaps the Right hasn't been making the best case. ....

The conclusion .... is unmistakable....the individuals at the top of government haven't the time to do all the things they are trying to do.

This is not an argument that will excite philosophers or make a good bumper sticker. But it might make sense to the practical British voter. Government ministers shouldn't have a reach greater than their grasp. They shouldn't seek to do more than they have hours in the day to do properly. That's my case. Plinkety plonk.


The idea that the government - let alone the Prime Minister - has the job of "running the country" is the most ludicrous conceit in history.
They are elected to run the government - which is still a big job which shoudl take up all their time.
Instead they think they can run all our lives as well - what we eat, drink, smoke, think - and thereby foul-up the job they actually were given.
"Arrogant morons" doesn't begin to express it.

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