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Encouraging fly tipping

Households forced to pay £1.5 million for bins - Telegraph

Households have been forced to pay a total £1.5 million in the last year for breaking bin laws, it was reported last night.

The number of penalties issued has gone up by a third over the last 12 months as local authorities impose strict rules on household rubbish

According to figures from councils, almost 44,000 people have been given fines of up to £100 for offences ranging from leaving their rubbish out on the wrong day or putting black plastic bags alongside their wheelie bins.

You might as well just fly tip it in the nearest hedge - the penalty is just the same but you are much less likely to be caught - now that is a result for the environment isn't it?


Just make damn sure you take any identifying evidence out before you sling the binbag in the hedge (actually from a point of view of avoiding identity theft this is a good idea anyway).

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