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De Gaulle + Sartre + baguette + Sophie Marceau's breasts = the culture of France

France reacts to US magazine's culture jibe - Telegraph

France's artistic elite has turned on American critics who claimed that their nation's culture was dead.

The surge of Gallic pride was provoked by the front page of the latest European edition of Time, which asked readers to name a living French artist or writer of international standing.

The magazine itself came up with just one: the singer Johnny Hallyday...

Go on then, name another one..


Nope, he is Belgian....


There's nothing wrong with Sophie Marceau's breasts, young sir.

Hellfire, I'm having trouble coming up with ANY living writer or artist worth a wet fish...

I can but echo Mr du Toit's sentiments except to add that I think Sophie Marceau's breasts are worthy of being declared a national monument.

I thought Hallyday (half Belgian) was practically dead anyway. Isn't he the French equivalent of Gary Glitter?

It's always difficult to see one's own era, Kim. Many great writers also produced a lot of mediocre work. Edmond Rostand wrote Cyrano and crap, for example. (Yes, including Aiglon). If two or three things remain after a generation, a writer has done well.

That said, no one is coming to mind for me either.

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