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Baroness Gardener of Porkies on our Daily Bread

Junkfood Science: Abolish thick sliced bread!
The award for the most inane government initiative being debated by politicians to address the “obesity epidemic” goes to the House of Lords. Thick bread slices, they believe, contribute to obesity. A Baroness has actually proposed mandating thinner sliced bread to trim waistlines.

And how are flimsy slices of white pap meant to support the groaning load of streaky bacon dripping with "red", do you want me to get juice all down my shirt every morning?


Now that would be one government cut I wouldn't put up with! Long live the doorstep!

Only peasants buy ready-sliced bread.

But as always with our masters in parliament they of course shall be exempt from any such restrictions because we all know that they are way smarter than us mere serfs,cant wait till they introduce compulsary gruel too.

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