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Central England Temperature - Warmer and windier

Britain is getting warmer and windier - Telegraph

Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, is to declare that Britain has warmed significantly in the past 30 years and violent storms are a regular occurrence.

He will unveil a report showing that the annual average temperature in central England has risen by about 1C since the 1970s.

It will also show that 2006 was the warmest year of the past three decades and that average sea surface temperatures around Britain have risen by 0.7C over the same period.

Violent "windstorms" have become more common in the past 20 years, but the level is only as high as it was at the beginning of the last century.

We are lucky that the role of "adjustments" in the record have been comprehensively debated here by a leading "sceptic" and by the expert from the Met Office.

The longer term view was also sent to me thus:

CET%20Temperatures%201659-2006.jpg Click for full size image

Our own correspondent writes:

The constant mantra is "increasing incidence of extremes", so I also decided to look at temperature frequency and broke the record into basic bands. You can see these results in the charts as well, including seasonal results and in fact the opposite is true, the range of extreme temperatures has narrowed.

The long temperature improvement from the 19th C is apparent, there is no run away warming, we just don't get the desperately cold years of the past As you noted, the lack of low temperature (Tmin), is driving the situation, rather than any run-away top temperatures. This could well be the result of urbanisation as tarmac etc re-radiates heat at night. The station changes may also be significant latterly.


may give us a cold winter.


Now why does that sound familiar? Ah, yes it was here:


Still, when have politicians let science get in teh way of a good scare story.

I see that the CET for November has now been published, November 2007 is only 288th warmest since 1659. Not exactly runaway warming is it?

"Warmest for 30 years"? A handy choice of baseline: I remember well the global cooling scare at the time. The Non-scientific Consensus had me conviced my little son was going to freeze to death in the coming Ice Age.

Alternatively, look at it this way. 2006 was as hot as 1976, which had a baking, dry summer which put paid to the global cooling scare. If all this fellow can say was that 2006 was the hottest since 1976, we needn't change our underwear just yet.

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