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Redwood vision

The EU and Africa sign up for democracy - who’s kidding who? | John Redwood's Diary
When I first heard the news that the EU-Africa summit would produce a declaration to promote democracy at its heart I marvelled that African dictators had a sense of humour forcing this statement onto a reluctant EU. The EU after all is famed for ignoring the wishes of voters at every turn. They tell countries that hold referenda to re-run them if they reach the wrong answer. They work with secretive governments to throttle promised referenda at all costs....

John Redwood is on top form, read the whole post and other recent ones such as Belgium shows you don’t need a government and how FI car manufacture sets the standards

The production areas are clean. Although they are cutting metal and using cooling fluids and oil, they ensure all floors and work surfaces are kept dirt free.

The production areas are uncluttered. There is no stock of parts and materials and discarded components littering the workplace.

There is a can do approach. People do not say they cannot change one of the car’s components this week because they are going on holiday or a bit busy. If it needs changing for the race, someone in the team changes it....If men in a car plant can deliver a required standard of cleanliness , can’t we expect the same of staff in a hospital? If it is possible to combine senior management making or agreeing all the big judgements with rapid decision making and devolved authority at an F1 factory, can’t we do the same in the NHS?


Redwood in form is formidable.

Yeah! But do you really want to pay hundreds of millions of pounds for a couple of high tech beds plus parts?

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