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Human Right Lawyers Spot Climate Change Bonanza

Climate Change and Human Rights

There is a lot of talk at this year’s UN Climate change conference about climate change being a human rights issue....

Communities at risk from climate impacts have started to argue that climate change violates their human rights. The issue has been the basis of a legal claim launched by the Innuit people of Canada and the United States to the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights. ....

A number of human rights established in the International Bill of Rights will be violated by climate change. In Tuvalu, for example, a 2OC rise in temperature is likely to cause annual coral bleaching, changing rainfall patterns, more intense extreme events, and sea-level rise. ...
In this case of Tuvalu, climate change puts at risk a number of established rights, including the right to a means of subsistence, the right to an adequate standard of living including to continuous improvement in living conditions, and the right to take part in cultural life. Because of this there is some prospect that Tuvalu may launch legal action to seek restitution for damages.

Indeed, climate change is already violating key human rights already established in the International Bill of Rights, including the right to life, the right to health, and the right to be free from hunger.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) climate change is already responsible for more than 160,000 additional deaths per year around the world, largely through the way it leads to hunger and diarrhoea in developing and least developed countries in Asia and Africa.

The WHO is confident that climate change will increase mortality rates in the future, and that most of these additional deaths will be due to malnutrition, exposure to extreme events, and expansion in the range and changes in the transmission of malaria.

Climate change is and will increasingly violate the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health too. ...

The right to be free from hunger is also already being violated by climate change. The WHO estimates that climate change already causes widespread hunger and malnutrition. Once global average temperatures exceed 3OC, food production is likely to be adversely affected almost everywhere. ...

Because human rights are vulnerable to climate change the 156 countries that are Party to the International Bill of Rights are obliged to avoid actions that impinge on these rights. Climate change does and will increasingly violate human rights, so, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are required to protect human rights.

However, there is a danger that actions to reduce emissions may also violate human rights. At this year’s climate change conference indigenous and environmental NGOs have been reminding countries that actions such as clearing rainforests and displacing forest communities to produce biofuels violates human rights.

(Jon Barnett, Nusa Dua, Bali.The writer is a professor of environment, Melbourne University).

So I have a "right to to continuous improvement in living conditions.. and the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health too". How does making me live in a yurt with only a candle to power my bicycle instead of relaxing in comfort in front of a roaring coal fire with the Hummer outside on tick-over fulfil that? Can I sue?


Over here: http://www.roadtocopenhagen.org/index.php?c=wiki_revisions&wiki_id=1

A website part-hosted by the repulsive Margot Wallström, one can see where this is all heading. The communique includes the line: "create a powerful international court that will supervise the implementation of this framework"

It's all a plan to establish global government for our own good.

Presumably governments that do not comply will be replaced by a UN administrator. Individuals who persist in their selfishness will face confiscation of their most carbon intensive possessions, heavy fines or even incarceration in a carbon neutral prison cell.

The communique is a wiki so anyone can register and make changes they feel appropriate.

If only the planet would stop this inconvenient downward trend in temperatures, it's suppose to do what the models tell it to do.

The sooner the first case gets to court the better. It will show true science against consensus and will annihilate the arguments of the man made global warming nutters. Creationists against evoloution all over again.

I have escaped the nulabour cesspit for a couple of months to the napa valley...have hired hummer for the duration...ah!...global warming ...embrace it!

Surely a "right to to continuous improvement in living conditions..." is an affront to Traditional Societies with perpetual patterns of unchanging sameness who do not relish the overt influence the West!

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