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Racism Splat

Scotsman.com News - 'Racism' on trial… or a hammer to crack a nut?
AN ELDERLY taxi driver held in a police cell for 12 hours after he used racist words in front of his white passengers has told of his relief at being cleared of criminal charges.

The accusations, by the wife and daughter of a former Labour MP, Jane Ross, the wife of former Dundee Labour MP Ernie Ross, and her daughter, Karen Girolami, sent the great-grandfather, who has an unblemished record, into a spiral of depression.

Last night, politicians and campaigners welcomed the decision, describing the determination to prosecute in the first place as "crazy".

A legal expert said Mr Young's case threw up questions over the definition of racism, and a spokesman for Help The Aged Scotland said it demonstrated the challenge to older generations in keeping pace with changing definitions.

Mrs Girolami, 41, told the court: "He said 'it doesn't matter where they come from because P***s are P***s, C******s are C******s, d*****s are d*****s'."

Now that is disgraceful, Scots with their glottal stops are hard enough to understand at the best of times but to start spitting out asterisks is beyond acceptability..


Actually, the asterisks are more understandable than the original Scottish.

The Mrs. and I once caught a cab in Edinburgh, and were regaled by the cabbie for ten minutes about (I think) the new Scottish Parliament building and how much it cost. Or maybe he was talking about the recent match between Rangers and Hibernian, I don't know.

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