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The Kapo Miliband

Miliband signs EU Treaty in Lisbon | UK Latest | Guardian Unlimited
Foreign Secretary David Miliband signed the controversial European Union Reform Treaty on Britain's behalf at a ceremony in Portuguese capital, Lisbon.
He gets all upset when comparisons with the Second World War are brought up, and at any hint he acts like a Judenrat or collaborator with the occupying power. Well good, I hope he fucking cries himself to sleep, the little shit; I will sleep well dreaming of the glorious day when he and his kind have their heads shaved and are paraded through the streets.



I thought he was far too obvious with his comment about the EU spreading it's tentacles out to non European countries. I wonder what particular state he has in mind? Hmmm, let me see. One particular place in the middle east methinks.
The wanker agrees with the EU because it's loony left mate. He's all for signing something that keeps honky down innit mate? What did he say last month? "I have this piece of paper...."
Come on mate, you know what that lot are like. They would switch sides if the EU looked like going under and say, I told you the EU was a bad evil empire!

Shouldn't "glorious day" be capitalised, as "Glorious Day"?

And I'd offer to help out with the Philishave work, but I suspect I'd have to wait at the back of a very long queue.

As long as we add all those horrible little shits at the Hadley Centre and the UEA. Judging by the trends we should be able to do this by 2012 or 2020 at the latest.

There is always Virginia... The hunt country would appeal to you. There are several very lovely farms for sale in the Virginia Piedmont around Middleburg and The Plains... You could hang out with Brit Hume and Robert Duvall...

At least the Old Dominion hasn't sold out, or signed a Treaty making it a vassal state. Why does the name Orwell keep flashing like a neon sign with a short circuit - above a trashcan (rubbish bin for you) when I think of all of this EU stuff?

I sort of feel like Mum, long widowed and loney for company, has just married a smarmy French continental reaking of cheap colone and bad cigarettes?



Does the number 1066 ring any bells? Aside from a lovely ale?

Where is Dick the Butcher, when you really need him ... ?

Legislation is far too important to leave in the hands of lawyers. We need a revolution by the non-lawyers to run for and gain public office.

Now, when those legislators give away (betray) national sovereignty, along with the individual rights of the citizens that are underwritten by sovereignty, then the revolution is fully justified in being far more than rhetorical.

The British condition should give my fellow-Americans pause, as we approach this electoral watershed in 2008.

Do we stand firm for America? Or do we cave in to the Socialists?

Think about the loss of British sovereignty and of their individual rights.


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