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Cyclists ‘voted early and often’ to win £50m - Times Online
A cycling charity has been accused of manipulating The People’s £50 Million Lottery Giveaway by encouraging its supporters to vote several times each for its entry.

The Big Lottery Fund announced on Wednesday that Sustrans had won the money with 42 per cent of the 286,000 votes cast.

The Times has learnt that a manager for Sustrans circulated an e-mail that encouraged people to vote as many times as possible.

According to my big number machine that makes each vote worth £416.25 for the beardies, at that rate if they had forsaken their love of nineteenth century technology they should have racked up a few more votes. Fuck me why don't we buy each of them a GT Aggressor XC2 20" Mens Mountain Bike and give them the £16.26 change for them to buy themselves a cheese and ham ploughmans and several pints of Real Ale. That should keep them happy and save the rest of us and the country from the encroachment by miles of "special" paths and garishly coloured ecofreaks wrapped in lycra looking like Jackson Pollock designed condoms


Cars are also nineteenth century technology. Unlike cars, bikes don't kill people, and riding them makes you fitter, not fatter.
Go to countries like Holland and Germany where everyone rides a bike - and most of them probably have cars as well. Why should we be different from them? Cycling is fun. Try it some time.

p.s. your comment about a cheese and ham ploughmans and several pints of RA is making me hungry.

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