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Kapo Miliband - a embarrassment


Gordon Brown's absence leaves David Miliband to greet new era – with an usher - Times Online

Mr Miliband bounded boyishly on stage, signed both books quickly, and paused as if he felt he ought to write something else, as in a visitors’ book: “Thanks for a lovely lunch. So Sorry Gordon couldn’t make it. David xx.”

Since he had no prime minister with whom to shake hands, Mr Miliband shook hands with Verena Schubert, a protocol officer (the European Council’s equivalent of an usher). Ms Schubert, whose duties for the day had until then included handing pens to the signatories, looked rather surprised.

To describe him as pathetic is slightly wrong as "Pathos" implies he arouses compassionate pity, and I feel neither of those for the twat. He was signing on behalf of Her Brittannic Majesty and us, he is just a fucking disgrace.


Quick somebody ring the Tower and tell them they better oil Traitors gate because there's a few that should be using it.

Why are you surprised?

On a cheerful note, there was some good news this week, namely the Russians' treatment of the British Council.

I think Quisling is so last century, it should be updated to Miliband. I'm sure the context will make it quite clear which sense of Miliband, in its various forms, one means e.g.:

Oh, I've just stood in a dog's Miliband.

You, sir, are a complete and utter Miliband.

They felt betrayed, never had they seen such a brazen display of Milibanditry.

I have displayed terrible Milibandness, I can only say I am sorry, I shall, of course, cling to my office.

What a Miliband, I forgot one other sense of the word:

Where's my Hustler, I want to go for a quick Miliband?

Oo er Betty, I've just been struck by the Miliband Bug.

"Gordon Brown's absence leaves David Miliband to greet new era – with an usher"

Surely Millipede 'ushered' in a new era.

And as for Miliband becoming a new word, should the same apply to Ed Balls?

I've completely ballsed up.

Oh dear, too late, seems it's already been done.

My 'umble entry for the caption competition-

"As the ship sank, the Milliband played on".

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