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Miliband - who dressed him?

Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy: Friday Caption Contest has a picture of Gordon signing away the country. What took my eye was the boy Miliband standing alongside.
What a bloody disgrace he looks. Has he done the jacket up on the wrong buttons, or is it just a badly fitting cheap suit? He looks like a schoolboy whose Sunday Suit was bought last year and is being made to last for an extra year. Hasn't he got a mummy to dress him before he has a photo taken?


And any excuse to republish his kiddie fiddler pose is good enough...



You are too hard on him; his mum says he will grow into it.
That little lad at the seaside ain't daft, he has his arse well covered, and he's told Millipede to keep his hands where he can see them.
HeMillipede will grow into his flasher's mac as well (mum says)

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