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Nobel prize for economics

The Devil's Kitchen: There is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repents...

Banal though it may be, I remember playing SimCity 2000 as a teenager on my computer. Every time I tried to set up a high-tax, high-service economy within my city, my economy, followed by the city itself, stagnated. The answers have been staring me in the face for years.

Many years ago in a different place I noted the excellent work The Sims were doing in teaching real economics. My boys were similarly impressed by the truths it revealed. I have never played it but I bet I could beat Gordon, Darling and Batshit with one hand tied behind my back. And The Sims and Sims 2 with 30 million copies, at least, shipped deserve the Nobel Prize because I can't think of any other economic's text so widely spread that isn't a little red book.


I dare say that that's positively brilliant. I'd honestly never thought of that before. I've played quite a bit of Sim City in my time, and always had to keep taxes and laws low, or my city would disappear. It's completely brilliant.

I notice that we both are blogging about the same concept, that being capitalism/freedom/liberty, and would like to offer a link trade, like all good capitalist bloggers do.

I'll add a link to your site in my blogroll for a link to my site or my capitalism page (www.ShaunConnell.com -- Reason and Capitalism).

Let me know when you decide!

I didn't like SimCity. Setting all taxes to zero and legalising everything is a) boring and b) the Sims don't build their own hospitals or railroads or anything which is ridiculous because we know there are private railroads and private hospitals in the real world!

Brilliant indeed! I wonder how fast a Socialist Sim-city/society dissolves?

How long before the socialists declare SimCity a "capitalist plot" and try and have it banned?

Personally I think a more amusing alternative would be if they tried to create a "progressive" version. That would be fun to take apart.

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