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I'm dreaming of a white Christmass

Missing Cocaine At Depot Puts Custom Officers Under New Pressure (from The Herald )

The Tories yesterday attacked a third security failure by Customs officers after it was alleged cocaine, passports and illegal contraband had gone missing from a secure warehouse.

The seized drugs and goods vanished from an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) store at Coventry Airport.

It is the latest scandal to rock the government department that lost the personal details of 25 million people on the child benefits system and discs containing the names and addresses of more than 7000 Northern Ireland motorists.

Reports claim cocaine worth £80,000 from six Customs raids, as well as other items have gone missing.

Police are now investigating if the items were stolen or have simply been lost.

An HMRC official refused to confirm the details of what is thought to be missing.

But he said: "We can confirm that a small number of items are missing from one of our offices in the Coventry area.

Could happen to anyone, £80,000 worth of cocaine just goes missing, have they tried looking down the back of the cistern?

I used to know someone who worked at Coventry Airport, I haven't seen him around for a week or so....


"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" ....

AAAAAHHHHHH what's the point nothing will be done about it. An enquiry will be envoked and it's findings won't point the blame at anyone but will have cost me and you millions.

We the people ought to now demand that if mistakes are made in public departments then the person at the VERY top of that department ought to be made accountable after all that's what happens in the real world

"Comin' to the Crimbo party this year Gord?"

"Och Aye, plenty of gear is there"

"Oh yeah, 80 grands worth"

*snuuuuurk*, *snuuuuuurk*

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