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Buy a Swastika for Christmas

Nazi or Nice? Finns Snap Up Swastika Rings for Christmas - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

A Finnish charity is selling silver rings emblazoned with a swastika to raise money for World War II veterans. The €60 ($86) silver bands feature a swastika flanked by stylized wings. A small rosette sits in the center. The rings are on sale until Dec. 31 at R-Kioski supermarkets in Finland and online.

In most countries, the swastika is forever linked to the horrors of Hitler's regime, but for centuries in Finland it has been a symbol of good luck - during the Second World War, Finnish military aircraft even sported blue swastikas as they fought the Nazis.

"We thought they would make great Christmas presents for men, or for young people if their grandparents fought in the war," said Pia Mikkonen, the head of the Finnish Veterans' Association.

She added that sales had not been as strong as she would have liked.

Strange that, and as far as I can see the online ordering is only in Finnish which is beyond my monoglottal skills.


Actually, according to Wikipedia, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_Air_Force#History) the blue swastika used by the Finns was the personal badge of Count Eric von Rosen. He was a swedish aristocrat who gave the Finns their first aircraft for use against Bolshevik Russia in 1918 and painted his badge on the plane.

the symbol in the ring is not a swastika, it is Cross of Freedom, a finnish honour medal. Swastica does not have a rosette in the middle of it.

Anyone else noticed the carved swastika decorations on the stonework of India House on Aldwych?

Anyone else noticed that swastika is an Indian (specifically, Sanskrit) word?

Does anyone know how I can order one without being fluent in Finnish?

Does anyone know how I can order one without being fluent in Finnish?

Well this site is quite reliable, if literal, for translation:


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