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Drunk Slags

Rape: new ways for a woman to say no - Scotsman.com News

THE largest proposed reform of sexual offences laws in Scotland is unveiled today, raising hope that the country's historically low rate of rape convictions can be improved.
For the first time in Scots law, the concept of consent in rape cases will be clearly defined in statute. It will also be spelled out to judges and juries that a woman cannot be held responsible for an attack on her if she was so drunk that she was incapable of agreeing to sex.

If the woman is so drunk she can't be held responsible for her actions, as we all know women are delicate flowers who aren't actually real grown up people, what about the man? Can he use the excuse he was so drunk he didn't realise the coyote ugly slapper wasn't actually Katie Price begging for it? No?

We are not talking about women who have been drugged or forced to have sex, we are saying that women who make the free choice to get drunk are given a free pass? Does that include if they decide to go for a drive rather than have a knee trembler in the alley? It is sexist dangerous nonsense and women are insulted by it.


I was witness to a case in the 80's in Newport, Rhode Island were a girl who was drunk consented to have sex with 2 guys at the same time. This happened at a college that had just went co-ed after being an all girls school. When the word got out about what she did, she cried rape. The promptly expelled the boys, declined to give them credit for class they had taken over the last year. This was all done before the police had even started their investigation. I give credit to the police for doing a through job and figuring out the girl was lying to protect her reputation. For the schools actions they were sued for a couple of million and lost.

So, if a woman is drunk she is 0% responsible for herself, but if a man is drunk he's still 100% responsible for any offence he might commit, such as sexual assault or rape. Anyone see a discrepancy there?

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