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Chewing the Fat

Junkfood Science: Stop the presses! Bariatric surgeons admit obesity does not increase risk of dying or risks for heart disease

...the conventional risk factors for cardiovascular disease “decreased with increasing degrees of obesity.”

Yes, you read that correctly, decreased.

“Therefore,” the authors argued ... “the criteria for obesity surgery should be changed to lower BMIs than are currently used.”...

To sum up, they want to treat those with the lowest actual chances of dying, using a treatment so risky it’s been shown to increase the risks of dying by nearly 400% among those at the highest risks? This is a risk-benefit ratio that goes against all medical practice ethics and integrity.

But they are surgeons; if you ask a surgeon if surgery is needed what do you expect him to say? They have wives and children to support you know....


But remember that "risk factor" does not mean "cause", however much they try to mislead you on this point. It just means "positive correlate". Thus "height" is not a cause of high IQ, it just happens that height correlates positively with IQ. 95% is crap, you know.

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