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Digg This

An intelligent redneck lesbian who favors short shorts and has a tad bit of feminist concern, explains why Digg Doesn't Digg Her

Digg, and all the similar social networking sites, run on a mob mentality. Boys and girls sit in their lonely cubicles, or their Mom's basement, and band together into brigades who either push or destroy various people or ideas e.g. Digg each other and bury others.

The Web 2.0 proponents believe this will supplant the old capitalist system of Big Media choosing our news and entertainment for us. But whether digital mobs are a qualitatively superior way of promoting cultural and political developments is the real question.

Mobs are by their nature anti-democratic. And they often don't want democratic processes to work...

They will also use dirty tricks. Their favorite, which is not surprising given their dweebie backgrounds, is to be tattletales. They report stuff as being pornography or mature content. These guys are not actually offended by anything they see, it is just a means to an end....

The recent ban by Digg happened when I posted Uber-Boob Fascination. Although it featured two images of topless women , that was not really the reason the Diggers were offended. They did not like the discussion of the uber-attention testosterone drenched uber-jerks have for uber-boobs, and how women do not always appreciate it all that much.

Good It isn't just me that doesn't "get" this whole dweeby Web 2.0 - and I thought it just because I was too old.


Now, I do like Girl in Short Shorts, but I don't see how she can possibly accuse Digg of being undemocratic. It's the dictionary definition! Mobs? Did she ever consider that maybe some people have similar tastes and will therefore vote for the same thing? There aren't 60 million different political parties in Britain. Are Labour voters a "mob" who, by voting Labour and not voting Conservative are subverting democracy?

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