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Out and Proud to be a Tory

Poll puts Tories 12 points ahead of Labour - Telegraph

The findings - which follow the Northern Rock crisis and the lost child benefits record scandal - underlines the reversal in Mr Brown's fortunes and the loss of public faith in him as Prime Minister.

I think more importantly people are now prepared to admit they are closet Tories, for too long it has been like admitting you wear mink lined underwear and listen to Daniel O'Donnell records. A combination of Dave's campaign to rid the party of the Nasty tag and the sheer unignorable ineptitude and incompetence of Labour seem to have finally worked.


What is truly scandalous about this is that the psephological see-saw is now so out of kilter that the Tories need a double digit lead over Labour even to be able to form a 'working majority'. One of the first tasks facing an incoming Conservative government is to redress this imbalance.

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